Fume Vape Review

If you’re looking to try a new e-cigarette, fume vape might be a good choice. The Fume range offers several flavors for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money. The Fume Extra comes in strawberry mango and tangerine ice flavors. Fume Ultra, meanwhile, offers a bigger capacity and battery. This pen is designed for long-term use and delivers a more concentrated flavor profile.


If you are looking for a high-quality disposable fume vape that is both inexpensive and easy to use, you may want to try the Fume. This model does not have a tank or other accessories, and it is draw activated. It produces very little vapor, so it is perfect for people who smoke only in private. There is also no need to worry about tank maintenance. A disposable fume vape also features a tight draw, which means that you don’t have to worry about leaking or wasting vape juice.

Salt nicotine

If you are interested in trying out Salt Nicotine vape juice, you have probably already come across the Fume Infinity disposable vaporizer pen. This device features 12ml of pre-filled salt nicotine e-juice and a 1500mAh battery. It uses a draw-activated mouthpiece to vaporize the e-liquid and delivers up to 3500 hits. The Fume Infinity is the company’s long-lasting e-cigarette device, and it is available in 12 flavors.

Cuban Tobacco

The Fume Infinity is a disposable, draw activated vape device that comes with 3500 hits of pure, amazing tobacco flavor. For those who aren’t interested in vape juice, the Fume Infinity Cuban Tobacco pod is an excellent choice. This pod is about the size of a pen and contains about 12ml of fume extra’s tobacco flavor. The device is also available in All Flavors and All-Day, and both are great options if you want to get the tobacco flavor without the juice.


The Fume Extra is an ultra-portable prefilled pod system vape that offers a massive 1500 puffs on a single charge. Its battery powers the device with 850mAh of power, and its 6ml pods are filled with e-liquid in delicious flavors. With a Double Apple flavor that is double the fun, a Banana Ice party, and a Peach Ice with a sweet touch, there is a flavor for everyone. And if you’re a fruit lover, you’ll love the Tropical Fruit flavor, which tastes like a delicious double apple smoothie.


The Fume Infinity disposable vape kit offers a wide variety of flavors, as well as portability, compactness, and convenience. Each device has a 12mL internal tank, a 1500mAh built-in battery, and a 1.2ohm coil. This lightweight device makes it easy to carry and has no buttons to press. Fume offers a three-month battery life on their vape mods and tanks.

CHAMPS East Coast

QR Joy, the premier retail manufacturer of Fume brand salt nicotine vape products, recently attended the 2022 CHAMPS East Coast Trade Show in Atlantic City, NJ. There, their multimillion dollar products were showcased to an audience of vaping enthusiasts. While promoting their products, QR Joy representatives engaged with customers and made sales. Listed below are highlights from the show. Continue reading to learn more about the company and their products.


A recent report showed that the number of people in the Chicago area who smoke marijuana is escalating. While a small number of aldermen supported the ban, a majority opposed it. The ban is a reaction to growing health and environmental concerns, and is not a practical solution to the city’s looming budget deficit. Fume is looking to change that by introducing a new, USB-C charging device.